Easy Video Cropping with Windows Video Editor

Windows Video Editor Crop Video: A Beginner’s Guide to Editing Videos

If you’re looking to edit videos on Windows, then the Windows Video Editor is a great tool to use. One of the most common tasks in video editing is cropping, and this guide will teach you how to crop videos using Windows Video Editor.

The Basics of Video Cropping

Before we dive into the specifics of using Windows Video Editor to crop videos, let’s first understand what cropping is and why it’s important.

Cropping a video refers to removing a portion of the video from the sides, top, or bottom. The remaining portion of the video will be enlarged to fit the screen. This is useful when you want to remove any unwanted elements from the video, or when you want to change the aspect ratio of the video.

For example, if you have recorded a video on your phone and want to post it on Instagram, you’ll need to crop the video to fit the square aspect ratio that Instagram uses.

How to Crop Videos Using Windows Video Editor

Step 1: Import the Video

First, you need to import the video that you want to crop into Windows Video Editor. To do this, open Windows Video Editor and click on “New project” in the home screen. Then, click on “Add videos and photos” and select the video that you want to crop.

Step 2: Add the Video to the Timeline

Once you have imported the video, drag and drop it into the timeline at the bottom of the screen. The timeline is where you’ll be doing most of the video editing.

Step 3: Crop the Video

To crop the video, click on the video in the timeline so that it’s highlighted. Then, click on the “Crop” button in the toolbar above the timeline.

You’ll see a box appear around the video in the preview window. This box represents the portion of the video that will be visible after cropping. To crop the video, click and drag the edges of the box to adjust the size and position of the visible portion of the video.

Step 4: Preview and Save the Video

Once you’re happy with the cropped video, click on the “Play” button in the preview window to preview the video. If you’re happy with the video, click on “Export” in the toolbar above the timeline to save the video.

Tips for Cropping Videos

Here are some tips to keep in mind when cropping videos using Windows Video Editor:

– Always make a copy of the original video before cropping it. This way, if you make a mistake while cropping, you can always revert back to the original video.
– Experiment with different cropping options to find the one that looks best for your video.
– Keep the video’s aspect ratio in mind when cropping. If you’re cropping the video to fit a specific aspect ratio, make sure you maintain that aspect ratio.


Cropping a video is an essential part of video editing, and Windows Video Editor makes it easy for beginners to crop videos. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to crop videos in no time.

Remember to always experiment with different cropping options to find the one that works best for your video, and make sure to keep the video’s aspect ratio in mind when cropping.

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