Optimal Twitch Video Player Banner Size for Maximum Engagement

Twitch Video Player Banner Size: What Size Works Best For Your Stream

As an upcoming or seasoned content creator on Twitch, you know that the design of your channel is a critical element of your streaming success. From your profile picture to your overlay graphics, every detail helps you stand out and connect with your followers.

One of the most crucial design elements of your twitch channel is your video player banner. It’s the perfect place to promote your brand, highlight your sponsors and engage your viewers. However, with so many image sizes available, choosing the best banner size for your stream could be challenging.

In this blog post, we’ll go through everything you need to know about Twitch video player banner size, how to choose the right size for your channel, and some tips on creating an attention-grabbing banner.

Understanding Twitch Video Player Banner

Before we get into banner size, it’s essential to give a brief overview of what it is and its purpose. The Twitch video player banner is an image that appears above your video player in a viewer’s browser. It’s visible to both your followers and potential new viewers who visit your channel.

The main purpose of the video player banner is to promote your brand and advertise your sponsors. For example, you can use your banner to showcase your YouTube channel, social media handles, upcoming stream schedule or even a Call-to-Action for your viewers to follow or subscribe.

Twitch Video Player Banner Sizes

Twitch offers different banner sizes, each with unique dimensions that work best under specific conditions.

The recommended Twitch video player banner size is 1920 x 480 pixels. However, Twitch also supports other dimensions such as 1200 x 380 pixels and 900 x 480 pixels.

The 1920 x 480 pixels banner size is ideal for viewers who watch your stream on a full-screen mode, as it maintains its high-quality and ensures that all the elements in the banner are visible.

The 1200 x 380 pixels size is best suited for viewers who watch your stream on a laptop or smaller screen. The size is smaller, which means it might not capture all the details that are present in the larger banner sizes, but it still gets the job done effectively.

The 900 x 480 pixels size is an optimization of the 1920 x 480 pixels size for mobile users. It adjusts appropriately to fit any screen size, ensuring that your viewers don’t miss out on any essential details present in your larger banners.

Tips on Creating an Attention-Grabbing Video Player Banner

Now that you know about Twitch video player banner size let’s take a look at some tips on creating an attention-grabbing banner.

1. Keep it Simple

An essential aspect of designing a banner is simplicity. A good banner should be clear and easy to understand. A cluttered banner with too much information is likely to confuse your viewers, resulting in a low Click-through rate.

2. Use High-Quality Images

Your banner’s quality matters, ensure to use High-Quality images that reflect your brand and message clearly. Low-quality images can create a negative impression of your channel, reducing viewer engagement.

3. Be Consistent with Your Brand

The video player banner is an opportunity to showcase your branding. Ensure to use colours, fonts, and designs that align with your brand. It helps to create a unique identity for your channel and enhances brand recognition.

4. Include a Call-To-Action

Your banner is an excellent place to communicate a call-to-action to your viewers. Whether it’s asking them to follow you on your social media handles or subscribe to your channel, a CTA can significantly increase your engagement rate.


Designing the perfect Twitch video player banner is essential to building your channel’s brand identity and promoting your sponsors. Always go for the recommended banner size or a size that works for your needs. Use high-quality imagery, maintain consistency with your brand, and include a suitable call-to-action that drives more engagement.

With these tips, you are on the right track to creating an attention-grabbing banner that gets your Twitch channel noticed.

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