Learn How to Text Videos from Android to iPhone: Easy Guide

When it comes to transferring data between two devices, whether it’s photos from a DSLR to a computer or text messages between an Android and an iPhone, there are often speedbumps and pitfalls along the way. Trying to figure out the appropriate steps and procedure for getting these two different devices to cooperate can be tricky and confusing. Unfortunately, text messages are no different.

However, with the right steps, texts can be transferred from an Android to an iPhone and vice versa. So if you’re a content creator wanting to move your texts between devices, this guide is for you! Below we’ll be exploring how to text videos from Android to iPhone and go through the most efficient and reliable processes for making the transition as smoothly as possible.

Using Android Messages

One of the most straightforward methods for transitioning texts between any two Android devices is the Android Messages app. This application is free to download and is a convenient messaging service for all Android users. The app allows users to sync messages between an Android phone and computer and also works for sending texts between two different Android devices.

If text messages are registered through Android Messages, users can easily transfer their entire messaging history from one device to another. To transfer using Android Messages, you will need to:

• Download Android Messages on both devices
• Sign in to the Android Messages app on both devices
• Connect both devices to an active Wi-Fi network
• Select “Transfer” when prompted
• Select “Android phone” or “Another Android phone” as the method of transfer
• Place the phone with the text messages you want to transfer in the sender mode
• Place the phone that will receive the messages in the receiver mode
• Once the transfer is complete, the messages should now be available on the device

Using iMessage

iMessage is an incredibly popular app available for both Android and iOS devices. As the name suggest, the app allows users to send text messages from their devices easily and quickly. To transfer text messages from an Android device to an iPhone using iMessage, you will need to:

• On the Android device, set up and install iMessage by downloading it from the Play Store
• Sign in using the Apple ID registered with the iPhone
• Type the messages you want to transfer in the iMessage app and hit send
• Open the Messages app on the iPhone and the message should appear

Using Google Drive

If you don’t use the iMessage app or aren’t able to send messages between the two devices by any other method, one final option is to use Google Drive. This option is not quite as instantaneous as the above two methods but works well for those who would like to store their messages on Google Drive and access them at a later time.

To use Google Drive to transfer text messages from an Android phone to an iPhone, you will need to:

• On the Android device, download an SMS backup app
• Follow the setup instructions of the app to link it to your Google account
• Select “Backup” and wait for the process to finish
• Go to the iOS device that will receive the messages and install the same SMS backup app
• Sign in with the same Google account from the original Android phone
• On the iOS device, tap “Restore” and wait for the process to finish
• Your messages should now be available on the iOS device


Text messages are some of the most important pieces of data that a user may have, and transferring them between devices doesn’t have to be a struggle. With this guide, transferring text messages from an Android device to an iPhone or visa versa can be done quickly and easily. Whether you’re a content creator trying to switch from an Android device to an iPhone or just want to take your messages with you, these strategies should make the transition painless and smooth.

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