Learn How to Easily Share YouTube Videos through Texting

Texting videos from Youtube and other video streaming services can be extremely useful for content creators. Whether you want to quickly get a clip from a favorite show to send to a friend, or need to incorporate a few clips into your own work, having an easy, effective way to text video from Youtube is a must.

In this post, you’ll learn easy ways to copy videos from YouTube to your phone and send them in text or post them on social media. Let’s dive in!

1. Use a Traditional Video Downloader

One of the more classic methods of downloading video from YouTube is to use a specialized video downloader app or website. These programs are designed to rapidly copy and export the video from YouTube in almost any quality or resolution. Since some of these programs or websites will be paid, you want to be aware of any potential fraud or shady advertising attempts before you start using them. Here are some reputable websites for downloading videos from YouTube:

– KeepVid
– ClipGrab
– 4K Video Downloader
– AllmyTube
– DVDVideoSoft

Each of these applications and websites will follow a similar process. First, copy the video URL from Youtube and paste it into the designated field in your downloader of choice. Then, confirm that you want to download the video, chooses the desired resolution and format, and start the download. This will produce a video file that you can access on your device, making it easy to share it in a text or upload to social media.

2. Copy and paste the Video Link in Text

If you don’t want a specialized video downloader app or don’t have access to one, you can still text a video through the classic method of copying and pasting the video link in a text message. All you need to do is copy the URL of the video from the Youtube browser tab or app, paste it in a text message, and send it to the intended recipient.

The downside to this process is that while the recipient will be able to watch the video, they won’t be able to save it or easily share it afterward. This can make it difficult for them to show the video to friends, and they won’t have access to higher quality versions since the recipient won’t have access to the original download. If you plan to send a lot of videos, it may be worth checking out a video downloader to make them more accessible.

3. Use YouTube’s Share Feature

If neither of those methods seem ideal, YouTube does offer another method for sharing video with someone. Through their share feature, you can quickly share the selected video with the intended recipient over text, email, or other social media applications. To use this function and text a video from Youtube, simply open up the selected video, click the “share” button, and you will be presented with the option of sharing the video to any available applications or contacts.

This method provides a great balance between convenience and quality, as the recipient will receive a link to the video and the ability to share it with others, while allowing them to watch it without having to jump through hoops.

4. Upload the Video to YouTube

Another option is to upload the video from YouTube to a personal account and then send it through various social media platforms. This may seem a bit excessive, and it can be, depending on the recipient’s job. But if the recipient requires certain attributes included with the video or if the content will be going to multiple outlets, uploading it to YouTube may be the best way to go. To do this, you’ll need to first create a YouTube account.

Once the account is established, you can begin uploading the video. YouTube offers low-cost or free services for uploading and organizing videos, making it an ideal choice for video sharing. Uploading a video from Youtube is easy and takes only minutes, depending on the file size. Once the video is uploaded and processed, you can share it as many times as you like.


Sending video from YouTube doesn’t have to be complicated and can be accomplished quickly in multiple ways. With traditional video downloaders, you can easily copy and export the desired video and format, while the YouTube share features provide an easy way to get the link out to recipients. And if you need to make sure the same video is shared consistently across all platforms, you can always upload it to YouTube and share whichever version you need. Whichever method you choose, you’ll be able to easily text video from YouTube and get it to where it needs to go.

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