Sending Long Videos via Email: Easy Tips

How to Send a Long Video through Email: Tips for Content Creators

Creating amazing videos for your audience is no doubt an essential part of any content creator’s job. But as soon as you begin to make the video longer, the task of sending it becomes more daunting. It seems that most email services do not allow attachments larger than a few megabytes, leaving you wondering how to send a long video through email.

As a content creator, you might be wondering about the best possible options to send your long video to your clients or audience without losing its quality. Worry not, as this guide will provide you with comprehensive tips to help you send long videos through email with ease.

Choose your Video Format

The video format is the first thing to consider when sending a long video through email. You need to choose a format that compresses your file size without compromising on the video quality. A good video format that can help you achieve this is MP4.

The MP4 format is the most widely supported by modern-day devices and apps. It is highly efficient and can compress files without a significant loss in quality. With MP4, you can reduce the size of your video to a manageable size without decreasing its quality too much.

Compress your Video

If you have a large video file size, compressing it is the way to go. But don’t go overboard with compression because, in exchange for file size, you might lose some video quality.

There are tools available online, such as Handbrake and Adobe Premiere, which can help you compress videos without losing too much quality. With a simple Google search, you will find both free and paid video compression software that can help get your video file size down.

Use Cloud Services

Another popular method to send long videos through email is using cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer. With these services, you can upload the video to their server, generate a download link and send it to your email recipient.

This option is ideal for individuals with very large files that cannot be compressed down to email attachment limits. Using services like Dropbox or Google Drive allows you to upload videos, and rather than cramming your email inbox with large video files, you can merely share the link and let your recipients download these files directly.

Split your Video into Smaller Parts

Splitting long videos into smaller parts is also another technique that can aid in sending your video through email. However, use this option if your video has too large a file size for compression, since you might lose some continuity of the story or message you’re trying to convey.

Tools such as Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere allow you to split videos into smaller clips. You may then email each part (clip) of the video separately and provide your recipient with an easy-to-follow file naming convention.

Use Video Sharing Platforms

Video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo allow you to upload a video and send the link to your recipient. Sharing videos using these platforms is easy because it allows you to maintain the quality of your video even with large file sizes. Additionally, copy and paste the link anywhere you want to share the media, allowing promotions on social media or embedding in a blog post straightforwardly.

Final Thoughts

Sending long videos through email can be a daunting task for content creators. However, using the tools and techniques mentioned in this post, you can now reduce file sizes and make your videos easier to send. Compressing videos, splitting large files into small parts, and utilizing video sharing platforms and cloud services can help transfer your media with ease. Remember, always choose the option that suits your needs and offers the quality your video deserves.

We hope this guide has provided valuable information on how to send a long video through email. As always, stay creative and keep pushing the boundaries of video-making.

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