Easy Steps: Add Video to Google Slides from Phone

How to Put a Video on Google Slides from Your Phone

As a content creator, adding multimedia elements to your presentations is essential to captivate your audience’s attention. Videos bring that extra layer of engagement that can impress and tell stories more effectively. However, creating videos can be time-consuming, and sometimes, you have to find the middle ground between content quality and production speed.

One solution to this is to add pre-recorded videos to your Google Slides from your phone. It is a simple process, and in this article, we will show you how to do it.

Step 1: Upload the Video to Google Drive

Before inserting the video into the Google Slide, you need to upload the video to Google Drive. This step is essential, as Google Slides doesn’t support videos directly from your phone.

First, open the Google Drive app on your phone and sign in with your account credentials. Then, navigate to the upload button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have clicked the upload button, select the video you want to include in your presentation. The upload process may take some time, depending on the file size and your internet speed.

Step 2: Get the Link to the Video

After you have uploaded the video to Google Drive, copy the link to that video. To do this, locate the video file and tap on the three-dotted icon on the right side. Then, click the “Get link” option.

Make sure you set the link’s permissions to “anyone with the link can access” to allow your audience to view the video in the presentation.

Step 3: Insert the Video into Google Slides

Now, you have the link to the video stored in Google Drive; it’s time to insert it into the Google Slides presentation.

Open the Google Slides app on your phone and select the slide where you want the video to appear. Tap on the “+” icon on the toolbar and select the “Google Drive” option.

Navigate to the video file you uploaded earlier by searching through your Google Drive files or pasting the link into the search box. Click “Select” once you have found the video file.

Step 4: Resize and Move the Video

When you select the video, it will appear on the slide as an embedded player. You can move the video by clicking and dragging it around the slide.

To resize the video player, you can pinch in or out. You can also tap and hold the player’s corners and move them inward or outward.

Step 5: Play the Video in Presentation Mode

After you have inserted and tweaked the video’s placement, you’re all set to play the video in presentation mode.

Enter presentation mode by tapping on the “present” button on the top right corner of the app. Once in presentation mode, click the video player, and it will start playing.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to add videos to your Google Slides presentation from your phone. It’s a simple process that doesn’t require any third-party applications or plugins.

Remember, videos can take up a significant amount of space, so make sure that you have enough storage in your Google Drive. Also, try to compress your video to a smaller size. You can use free online tools or your phone’s default video editor to do this.

Adding pre-recorded videos can have a profound impact on the effectiveness of your presentations. They bring a new sense of dynamism, information, and storytelling to your work. Experiment with several videos and use this feature to your advantage.

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