Clearer Videos in Minutes: Tips to Prevent Blurry Text

Creating content for a video can be tricky when text is involved– if the text isn’t clear or particularly visible, it can take away from an otherwise terrific visual project. One of the biggest problems content creators experience is when text appears blurry while in the video– how do we make sure videos look sharp and professional, no matter the text incorporated into the visuals? Fortunately, there are a few effective ways to make sure all of your text is visible and not blurry on any video.

How To Make Videos Not Blurry On Text

As digital content creators, we always want our work to look the best it can be, and having a clear message with visible, sharp text is no exception. But achieving this goal can be slightly tricky, so here are some tips on how to make sure your videos remain clear and professional, leaving your viewers with a truly polished and engaging experience.

Choose A Clear Format

The format you choose for your project is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to maintaining clearer text. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the clearer the text will be. For example, a video filmed in 1080p will retain text clarity better than something filmed in 720p. That being said, you should always do your research before beginning a project and choose the right format for your text-heavy video.

Minimize Movement

If your text is going to move throughout the video, aim to keep the motion as simple as possible – the more motion, the blurrier the text will become. If you need to move text, try to select a transition that is smooth and doesn’t jitter around or blend into the background. You can also try to minimize the size of the text so it appears less distorted as it moves.

Export Video With Transparency

Exporting your video with transparency can be an incredibly useful tool– it allows you to have sections of the video transparent, revealing what’s behind it in the same video. That way, you can have text over a background, without any pesky lines or edges breaking up the design. Exporting with this format will result in cleaner lines on the text, preserving an overall clearer look.

Choose High Quality Fonts

One of the most overlooked aspects of video content is the font choice. Choosing a font with strong lines and minimal texture will help make sure the text appears crystal clear– just make sure the font you’re selecting is high quality, as cheaper fonts tend to appear distorted or fuzzy. Select a font that is easy to read and looks clearer on the screen.

Check For Point Size And Spacing

The point size and spacing of your text directly correlate to how it appears on the screen– for example, a 10 point font at a pixel distance of 5 will appear much clearer than a 10 point font, with a pixel of 10 set. Allowing your text a little more breathing room between each letter and between lines will make the text look cleaner, clearer, and more professional.

Add Sharpening

If you still feel like your text is looking a bit unimpressive, try adding a sharpening filter to your video. A ‘Sharpen’ filter or an ‘Unsharp Mask’ filter will add clarity to the overall image, while also increasing contrast and sharpness, especially when it comes to text. Be careful not to over sharpen the video, as it may cause an unnatural look or emphasize flaws that weren’t previously noticed.

These small tips and tricks can have a big impact when it comes to creating videos with text. Content creators should ensure that their text remains the focus of the visuals, clearly representing what the video is about and causing no distraction or confusion. It’s important to remember that video creation will take some experimentation and practice to master, but following these tips can help ensure that any text that appears in your projects is sharp, clear, and professional. Learning how to make videos not blurry on text can take a little practice, but it certainly pays off in the end.

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