Create Subtitles for Your iPhone Videos with These Simple Tips!

Subtitles are a useful addition to any video, but many content creators are unsure of how to include them. Adding subtitles to your video can be a great way to ensure that it gets watched by more people, as those with hearing impairments and different native languages can now understand the content. Plus, providing subtitles can help boost your video’s SEO ranking and increase its chances of getting more views.

If you’re producing a video and want to add subtitles, there’s no need to worry because doing so is actually easier than you think. With just a few simple steps, you can easily learn how to add subtitles to your video on an iPhone.

First, Download the App

The first step is to download an app to your iPhone that is designed for creating subtitles. Fortunately, there are several apps available for this purpose. Any of the following apps are great choices:

• Subtitle Edit
• Opensubtitles
• iSubtitle

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can create a new subtitle file that you can then edit. Or, if you already have subtitle files, you can easily load them into the app.

Second, Edit the File

The second step is to actually edit the subtitles in the file. It’s important to get the timing right with subtitles, so pay attention to the details when editing your file. Some apps will include helpful features to make sure that the time coding is accurate. Additionally, if you’re creating subtitles from scratch, be sure to include any special words or phrases that are included in the video.

Third, Create the Subtitle File

The final step is to create the subtitle file. Once you’re finished editing the file, save it using the app. Be sure to save it as an SRT file, a most-commonly used subtitle format.

Fourth, Import the Subtitle File

After your subtitle file has been saved, you’ll need to import it into a video-editing app so you can add the subtitles to your video. Load the subtitle file into the video-editing app and then align it accordingly with the right time codes.

Fifth, Export Your Video

After you’ve successfully added the subtitles to your video, you can go ahead and export it from the video-editing app. Be sure to save your video as a new file so that you can keep your original version if you need to go back and make any changes.

And there you have it—following these five steps, you can easily learn how to make subtitles for a video on an iPhone! Now, you’ll be able to create fully-subtitled videos for your audience and improve the viewership of your content. Subtitles make videos more accessible to different viewers and help boost your SEO rankings, so take advantage of this feature for better success on your content. Good luck!

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