How to Make Reels with Photos: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Make Reels with Photos: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Make Reels with Photos: A Comprehensive Guide

Reels, a feature similar to TikTok, was recently introduced by Instagram, giving users the ability to create short, snappy videos backed with music and editing tools. Since its launch, reels have become hugely popular, opening up new avenues for content creators to display their work and creativity. Many creators wonder how they can use their photos to create reels. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about making reels with photos.

What are reels?

Reels are short video clips that are up to 60 seconds in length. Creators can add music and fun effects to their videos, creating an engaging and visually appealing piece of content. Reels on Instagram are also perfect for sharing on your profile or story, which can help increase user engagement.

How to Make Reels with Photos:

1. Choose your photos

The first step in creating a reel with photos is selecting the photos you want to use. Choose photos that are visually appealing and align with your theme. Make sure the quality of the photos is good, as they will be the backbone of your reel.

2. Create a storyboard

A storyboard will help you visualize how your reel will look like once it is completed. You need to decide the order of the photos, the transitions/animations, and the music track to use. This will help to prevent any confusion or mistakes while creating the reel.

3. Upload the photos and create the reel:

Once you have a complete storyboard, you can start creating your reel:

  • Open the Instagram app, swipe to the left, and select Reels from the options at the bottom.
  • Choose the photos you want to include in your reel.
  • Add any desired texts or stickers to your photos.
  • Select the music to accompany your reel.
  • Adjust the duration of each photo and the transitions between them according to your storyboard.
  • Add any final touches and publish your reel.

4. Optimize your Reel

Once you have created your reel, it is essential to optimize it for the Instagram algorithm to help it reach more viewers. Make sure the reel is attractive, engaging, and provides value to your followers. Create a catchy caption, include relevant hashtags, and share it on your story or profile to maximize engagement.

Tips for creating stunning reels:

  • Make sure your photos are of high-quality
  • Use creative and fun transitions to keep viewers engaged.
  • Choose a relevant music track for your reel
  • Add texts or stickers to create a narrative for your reel
  • Keep it short and sweet – 60 seconds or less.


Creating reels with photos is an excellent way for content creators to showcase their work and creativity. By following the steps above, you can create an engaging reel that will help you to gain more followers and engagement. Make sure to optimize your reel for the Instagram algorithm and keep experimenting with new ideas to keep your content fresh and exciting.

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