How to Easily Get Subtitles from Your Video – Quick Guide

The world of streaming video online has opened up some incredible opportunities for content creators. But, it can also be overwhelming and intimidating at times. One of the most common questions content creators may have is “how to get subtitles from a video.”

Using subtitles in online videos is becoming more and more common, and for good reason. Subtitles make it easier to provide accessibility for viewers who can’t hear your audio clearly or don’t speak the language in which the video was recorded. Subtitles can also help capture the attention of viewers who are in noisy environments or are relying on their mobile devices to access your video.

As a content creator, you don’t want to limit the potential audience for your videos. That’s why exploring the possibilities of how to get subtitles from a video becomes so important. You’ll want to learn the simplest and most efficient way to add subtitles to your videos, so that you can maximize your video’s engagement and ultimately grow your audience.

Fortunately, there are a few different options for getting subtitles from videos. Let’s cover each one so that you can decide which will work best for you.

Option 1: Get Subtitles from an Online Video Subtitle Service

One of the simplest and quickest ways to get subtitles from a video is to use one of the many online video subtitle services, like Subtitle Horse. Services like this allow you to upload your video, in any format, and have a professional transcribe the audio into subtitles.

Once the subtitles are completed, they would be emailed as a separate file, which you could then add to your video using your video editing software, whether you’re using Final Cut, Premiere, or DaVinci Resolve.

Most video subtitle services also offer a variety of additional options, including customization of the subtitles’ look, color, font, placement, etc. Additionally, you can opt to pay a professional to proofread the subtitles for accuracy.

Option 2: Create Your Own Subtitles Using Video Editors

If you’re tech savvy and have a good understanding of video editing software, then creating your own subtitles is an option. Depending on the video editing software you use, you can typically create subtitles for a video manually.

Premiere Pro, for instance, allows you to layer subtitles over a video by selecting the dialogue in your video’s timeline, then adding a text layer. Click the “Add Text” button, type in the subtitles, adjust the font and positioning, and you’re good to go.

If you’re using Final Cut Pro, you can add a text layer by clicking the “Text” button, and then adjust the various settings for the subtitles.

Option 3: Get Subtitles Created by a Professional Voice Actor

If you’re looking for an even more professional approach to getting subtitles from a video, then you could hire a professional voice actor to create the subtitles for you. This option is best suited for videos where the subject matter is complex or requires a lot of detail, as it allows for a highly accurate transcription.

These professionals are typically trained in creating subtitles that accurately capture the nuances of the video’s content, whether it’s discussions, interviews, lectures, or other types of content.

Once the video is transcribed, the professional can then use the text as a subtitle overlay, incorporating it directly into the video. This can be even more efficient than having a professional try to manually add the subtitles to the video, as they can add the subtitles to the same version that you used to create the video.

Option 4: Use Free Online Subtitle Generators

Finally, if you’re comfortable with do-it-yourself solutions and are on a budget, then free online subtitle generators are an option.

There are several different free tools out there that allow you to upload your video and generate subtitles. The downside here is that these automated solutions are often not very accurate. Additionally, they sometimes require you to pay a small fee in order to access the subtitles in the format you may need.

So, while the free online subtitle generators may be a decent starting point in terms of learning how to get subtitles from a video, it’s recommended that content creators utilize a more efficient and accurate approach for maximum results.

Best Practices for Creating Subtitles

In addition to the various methods described above for getting subtitles from a video, there are some basic best practices to consider when adding subtitles.

• Keep the alignment of subtitles consistent throughout a video.

• Use short line lengths. Stick to one or two lines of text per frame, and use ellipsis (…) when a sentence needs to be broken up across frames.

• Try to match the visual flow of your subtitles with the dialogue timings of your video.

By understanding the various methods of getting subtitles from a video, you’ll be able to maximize the potential reach of your video content. A simple step like adding subtitles can open the door to a much larger global audience, ultimately helping to grow your content’s reach and impact.

In conclusion, there are several methods for getting subtitles from a video, including utilizing an online video subtitle service, creating your own subtitles with a video editor, having a professional transcribe the subtitles for you, or using one of the free online subtitle generators.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which will be the most effective option based on your specific video content, budget, and desired level of quality. By taking the time to understand how to get subtitles from a video, you’ll be able to provide accessibility to a much larger audience and support the ongoing success of your content.

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