Easy Steps to Add Closed Caption to Your Instagram Videos

Are you a content creator looking to improve accessibility on your Instagram videos? If so, you might be interested in exploring how you can add closed captions to your videos. In this article, we’ll explore why closed captions are important, how Instagram video captions work, and some simple steps you can follow to get started.

Why Closed Captions are Important

Closed captions are an important feature for several reasons. First, they make videos more accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. This means that you can reach a wider audience by providing closed captions for your videos.

Second, closed captions are useful for people who are watching videos in noisy or quiet environments. For example, if someone is on a noisy train or in a silent library, closed captions can help them follow along with your video without disturbing others.

Finally, closed captions can improve the SEO of your videos. Adding captions to your videos means that search engines can better understand the content of your videos, which can lead to higher rankings and more views.

Understanding Instagram Video Captions

So, what are Instagram video captions, and how do they work? Instagram has two types of captions: open captions and closed captions.

Open captions are captions that are hard-coded into your video. This means that they will appear on the screen no matter where your video is posted. However, the downside of open captions is that they cannot be turned off, which means that they might be distracting for some viewers.

Closed captions, on the other hand, are captions that can be turned on or off by the viewer. This means that viewers have the option to turn off captions if they don’t need them, but they can also turn them on if they do. Closed captions are the preferred option for accessibility purposes.

Steps to Add Closed Captions to Instagram Videos

Now that you understand the benefits of closed captions and how they work, let’s explore some simple steps you can follow to add closed captions to your Instagram videos.

1. Start with a Transcript

The first step to adding closed captions to your Instagram videos is to create a transcript of your video’s audio. This transcript should include all of the dialogue, as well as any important sound effects or music.

There are several tools you can use to create a transcript, including Temi and Otter. Both of these tools use speech-to-text technology to create a transcript quickly and accurately.

2. Edit Your Transcript

Once you have a transcript, it’s time to edit it for accuracy and readability. This means fixing any errors in the speech-to-text conversion and making sure that the transcript is formatted correctly.

It’s important to remember that closed captions need to be easy to read and understand. This means using proper grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. You should also consider using short sentences and breaking up longer sentences into two or more lines.

3. Add Closed Captions to Your Video

Once your transcript is polished and ready, it’s time to add closed captions to your Instagram video. Instagram has a built-in closed captioning tool that you can use to add captions to your videos.

To add captions to your video, start by uploading your video to Instagram. Then, click on the “Edit” button and select “Captions”. From here, you can paste your transcript into the caption box and edit it as needed.

It’s important to remember that Instagram limits the number of characters that can be included in captions. You can only include up to 2,200 characters per caption, so make sure to keep your captions short and sweet.

4. Review and Publish Your Video

Once you have added your captions, it’s important to review your video and make sure that everything looks good. Take some time to watch your video with the captions turned on, and make any necessary adjustments.

When you’re happy with your video, it’s time to publish it on Instagram. Remember to include relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your video and encourage engagement.


Adding closed captions to your Instagram videos is an important step towards improving accessibility and reaching a wider audience. By following these simple steps, you can create high-quality captions for your videos and help your content stand out on Instagram.

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