Learn How to Easily Add Captions to Your Facebook Videos

How to Add Captions to Facebook Video: A Comprehensive Guide for Content Creators

Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content on social media. Facebook, being one of the biggest social media platforms, has a considerable audience for video content creators. But, posting videos on Facebook without captions can be a bummer. Not all viewers can listen to the video’s audio, and without captions, the video loses its effectiveness. In this blog post, I’ll share a comprehensive guide on how to add captions to Facebook video and make the most out of your video content.

Why Are Captions Important on Facebook Videos?

Before diving into the how-to part, let’s have a look at why captions matter on Facebook videos. Captions are text that appears on the bottom of the video, providing a transcript of the spoken content. Captions are crucial because:

1. Accessibility: Captions make videos accessible for people with hearing difficulties or deafness.

2. Convenience: Viewers who don’t want to disturb others with the video’s audio or don’t have headphones can still enjoy your content.

3. Increased Reach: Captions increase the reach of your videos by making them accessible to more viewers.

Now that we know the significance of captions let’s explore how you can add them to your Facebook videos.

Method 1: Facebook’s Automatic Captions

Facebook has an inbuilt feature of generating automatic captions for videos uploaded on Facebook pages. The feature uses AI technology to generate captions, and though it is not entirely accurate, it can be a handy option. Here are the steps to access and edit the automatic captions:

Step 1: Upload the video on your Facebook page.

Step 2: When the video is uploaded, click on the pencil edit icon (located to the right of the video).

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select the option “Edit Captions.”

Step 4: A new page opens up where you can see the automatic captions generated by Facebook. Edit the captions as needed.

Step 5: Click on Save Changes, and you’re done!

Note: The auto-generate captions option is not available for all languages on Facebook, so it may not be an option for some creators.

Method 2: Uploading SRT File

If you want accurate captions for your videos, creating a SubRip (.srt) file is an excellent option. SRT files allow you to add captions to your videos accurately. Here are the steps to add captions to your video using an SRT file:

Step 1: Create an SRT file using captioning software such as CaptioningStar, Kapwing, or Rev.

Step 2: Upload the video on your Facebook page.

Step 3: Click on the pencil edit icon located on the right side of the video and select “Edit Captions” from the menu.

Step 4: Click on “Upload SRT File,” and select the SRT file you created.

Step 5: Hit “Save Changes,” and you’re done!

Method 3: Third-Party Captioning Services

If creating an SRT file is too time-consuming, outsourcing the task to third-party captioning services may be a solution. Many captioning services offer quick and accurate captioning options. Here are some of the third-party captioning services that you can use:

1. Rev: Rev offers fast and accurate captions with a turnaround time of 12 hours.

2. CaptioningStar: CaptioningStar offers specialized services for adding captions/subtitles to videos, webinars, live streaming, and more.

3. 3Play Media: 3Play Media provides fast and accurate captioning services with several formatting options.


In conclusion, adding captions to your Facebook videos is crucial for accessibility and audience reach. You can choose to use Facebook’s inbuilt feature of auto-generating captions, create SRT files, or use third-party captioning services. Whatever method you choose, it is important to ensure that your video content is accessible for all. Add captions to your videos, and see the engagement soar high.

I hope this how-to guide was helpful. Do you have any other tips or tricks for captioning Facebook videos? Let us know in the comments below!

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