How Often to Post on YouTube: A Guide

How Often to Post on YouTube: A Definitive Guide for Content Creators

As a content creator on YouTube, one of the biggest questions you might have is how often you should be posting videos on your channel. The answer, of course, isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution that you can find with a quick Google search. How often to post on YouTube depends on a number of factors unique to your channel and your audience.

In this definitive guide, we’ll explore the various factors that determine how often you should upload videos to your YouTube channel. From the best practices of the most successful YouTube channels, to the statistical data on the engagement rates of different types of videos, we’ll cover everything you need to know to create a posting schedule that works for you and your audience.

What’s the ideal frequency of posting on YouTube?

The most straightforward answer to this question is “as often as possible,” but that’s not very helpful, is it? For most content creators, posting videos daily is simply not a feasible option, as the production quality will be compromised for the sake of churning out content.

The most successful YouTube creators, however, tend to post videos at least once a week, with some posting several times a week or even daily. The frequency of posting depends on several factors, including your niche, your audience, and the type of content you produce.

Why Weekly Posting is a Good place to start?

Weekly posting is a great place to start for most YouTubers. It gives you enough time to shoot and produce a quality video, while not making your audience wait too long between uploads. It also keeps you on track with posting regularly, ensuring that your content remains fresh and current.

Of course, the ideal frequency of posting depends on your goals and content. News channels that report on current events should post daily to stay relevant, while tutorial channels might only post once or twice a month.

Factors to consider while deciding YouTube posting schedule-

1. Consistency: Consistent posting is key to building and retaining an engaged audience. Creating a regular schedule that viewers can depend on helps build brand recognition, familiarity, and loyalty.

2. Production Quality: Producing high-quality videos requires a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources. If you’re sacrificing quality for quantity, the frequency of posting won’t matter.

3. Type of content: Some types of videos, such as vlogs or news videos, thrive on frequent posting schedules. Other video types, such as elaborate science explanations or product reviews, can take longer to create and publish.

4. Industry Best practices: You must witness what frequency your competition is following, and according to that, you can decide your content and posting schedule.

5. Honesty: Always be honest with yourself and your audience. Do not promise to make a three-part series every week when you know that you can hardly produce one in a month.

What statistics say about YouTube posting frequency?

According to a study conducted by Hubspot, videos that receive the most engagement are typically longer – up to 15 minutes on average. This may be because longer videos tend to delve deeper into a topic, making them inherently more engaging than shorter videos. Another reason is that longer videos trigger YouTube’s algorithm and give more watch time to YouTube.

Another study by FitSmallBusiness shows that the most successful YouTubers post new content regularly – typically on a weekly basis at minimum. Posting daily can lead to burnout among creators while posting less frequently can lead to a decline in engagement.


While the ideal frequency of posting may differ from channel to channel, there are best practices to take into account. The most successful YouTubers post new content regularly, create videos that are at least 15 minutes long, and prioritize quality over quantity. The key factors that determine your posting frequency include the niche you’re in, the type of content you’re producing, and how many resources you have available.

In general, it is essential to identify the ideal balance between posting frequency and consistency that works for you. Do not overburden yourself with daily content if it hinders the quality of the videos that you produce. Similarly, do not blur out for quality content as the time goes by. Posting regular videos at a consistent pace is the key to gaining subscribers, growing your audience, and ultimately reaching your goals on YouTube.

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