Discover the easy steps for automatic captions on Instagram

Are you a content creator struggling with creating automatic captions on Instagram? Automatic captions are extremely beneficial for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, or for those who prefer to watch videos with captions on. Not only does it make your content more accessible, but it also helps to improve engagement and reach on your posts. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to get automatic captions on Instagram.

What are automatic captions on Instagram?

Automatic captions on Instagram are captions that are generated by a computer program. They use speech recognition technology to transcribe the audio in your video and create captions that are displayed on your Instagram post. This feature lets viewers read along with what you’re saying in your videos, making it easier for them to follow along.

How to turn on automatic captions on Instagram

Now that you understand what automatic captions on Instagram are, let’s dive into how to enable them. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Upload a video to your Instagram feed or story.

Step 3: Once uploaded, tap on the “Edit” option.

Step 4: Tap on the “Captions” button below your video.

Step 5: Instagram will automatically generate captions for your video. You can preview the captions and make any necessary edits to ensure accuracy.

Step 6: Once you approve of the captions, tap on the “Save” button.

And voilĂ ! Your Instagram video will now have automatic captions displayed.

Of course, with any technology, there might be some inaccuracies with the captions. To ensure the captions are as precise as possible, it is always best to review and edit them before publishing.

Why use automatic captions on Instagram?

As mentioned before, automatic captions on Instagram make your content more accessible and engaging to a broader audience. But beyond visibility, there are several reasons why automatic captions are helpful:

Improving SEO: Instagram’s algorithm favors posts with higher engagement rates. By including automatic captions, you can increase engagement by captivating a broader audience base that was inaccessible before.

Reaching Deaf or Hard of hearing: Without captions, a significant population of people wouldn’t be able to enjoy your video content. Automatic captions allow you to convey your message effectively and broaden your audience.

Adding a professional touch: If you’re a content creator, having captions on your videos communicates that you’re professional and take care of your audience’s needs.

Best practices for creating automatic captions on Instagram

Now that we’ve gone through how to turn on automatic captions on Instagram and why they’re beneficial, let’s dive into some industry best practices for automatic captions.

Keep it simple and concise: Focus on using simple language to ensure that the captions are easy to understand for all viewers. Additionally, ensure that the captions are concise to maximize engagement.

Mind your pacing: The pace of captions should match the dialogue and action in the video, and should appear at a readable speed. If the captions are too fast, viewers may struggle to keep up. If the captions are too slow, viewers may lose interest.

Edit for accuracy: Automatic captions are not perfect. Take the time to edit the captions to ensure they accurately reflect the dialogue and content of the video.


As Instagram continues to grow in popularity for content creators, accessibility features such as automatic captions are becoming increasingly essential. By incorporating automatic captions into your videos, you can broaden your audience base, improve engagement, and showcase professionalism through your content.

Now that you know how to enable automatic captions on Instagram and the benefits of using them, get ready to unlock a new level of engagement and impact with your content as a content creator.

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