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Closed Captions on Disney Plus TV: Everything You Need to Know

As a content creator, ensuring that your digital content is accessible to as many people as possible is essential. One method of making your content more accessible is by adding closed captions to your videos. Closed captions provide a written text of what is being said and heard in a video. This means that those who are deaf or hard of hearing can still understand your content, and also provides a useful tool for anyone watching in a noisy environment or who wants to watch without audio. In this blog post, we will be discussing closed captions on Disney Plus TV, including how to find them, how to turn them on and off, and the benefits they can bring to your content.

What Are Closed Captions and How Do They Work on Disney Plus TV?

Closed captions are a subtitling system that displays the spoken dialogue, sound effects, and music in a video. They are created by transcribing the audio track of the video and syncing the text with the timing of the shots. Closed captions on Disney Plus TV are available in most of the regions where the streaming service is offered. They are created by a team of professional transcribers who work to ensure that the captions are accurate, timely and of the highest quality.

How to Find Closed Captions on Disney Plus TV

Finding closed captions on Disney Plus TV is a straightforward process. Once you have selected the video you want to watch, look for the “Subtitles & Audio” button in the player controls. Clicking this button will allow you to access the closed caption options. You can choose from several different languages, and you can also turn on or off the closed captions at any point during the video.

How to Turn Closed Captions on and off on Disney Plus TV

Once you have found the closed caption options on Disney Plus TV, turning them on and off is a simple process. If you want to turn them on, click on the “Subtitles & Audio” button and choose the language you want. If you want to turn them off, click on the same button and choose the “Off” option.

Benefits of Closed Captions for Content Creators

Adding closed captions to your digital content can bring several benefits for content creators. Firstly, it expands your audience to those who may not have been able to consume your content otherwise. This can increase your overall views and engagement, resulting in a larger audience for your content. It also demonstrates that you care about making your content accessible to all, showing that you are an ethical and inclusive content creator. Additionally, closed captions can improve your SEO, as they provide search engines with extra information on the content of your video. This can lead to higher search rankings and ultimately more views and engagement.


In conclusion, closed captions are an essential tool for content creators who want to make their digital content accessible to all. On Disney Plus TV, finding and turning on closed captions is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few clicks. Adding closed captions to your videos can bring several benefits, including expanding your audience, demonstrating that you are an ethical and inclusive content creator, and improving your SEO. So, next time you create digital content, be sure to add closed captions and make your content accessible to all.

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