Loop YouTube Video: How to Repeat Videos Easily

As a content creator, you constantly look for ways to enhance your videos and provide a memorable experience to your viewers. One of the common features that can add spice to your videos is a looped section. A looped section allows a particular part of your video to play repeatedly until it is stopped.

But the question is, can you loop a Youtube video? The answer is yes! In this article, we’ll show you how to loop a Youtube video with ease.

First, let’s understand why looping a youtube video could be beneficial to you as a content creator:

1. Highlight a particular part of your video: If you have an exciting section in your video that you want your viewers to focus on, looping it will draw their attention.

2. Lengthen your video: Do you have a short video and want to make it longer? Looping can serve as a lifesaver by lengthening it.

3. Creating a vibe: Sometimes, you may want to create a particular mood in your video, and looping can be an excellent tool to achieve that. For instance, background music can be looped to create a soothing atmosphere.

Now that we know why looping a youtube video is essential, let’s dive into the how-to.

How to loop a Youtube video

There are four different ways to loop a youtube video, and we’ll be explaining them all here.

1. Loop a youtube video with the right-click context menu

This is the most straightforward method to loop a youtube video. You can simply right-click on the video window, and it will bring up a context menu. From the menu, select ‘Loop’ to enable the loop feature.

2. Loop a youtube video with the video URL

If you want to loop a video without opening it on the Youtube platform, you can do that with the URL. To do this, add the term ‘repeat’ after ‘youtube’ in the URL, and it automatically sets the loop function. For instance, if the URL is ‘www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5dLHQn_TOI,’ change it to ‘www.youtuberepeat.com/watch?v=K5dLHQn_TOI.’

3. Loop a youtube video with the Loop It bookmarklet

Here, you need to add a bookmarklet to your browser. This feature will enable you to loop the video presently playing on the Youtube platform. To add the bookmarklet to your browser, follow these simple steps:

– Drag and drop the ‘Loop it’ button to the bookmarks bar on your browser.
– Go to Youtube and play the video that you want to loop.
– Click on the bookmarklet on your bookmarks bar to enable the loop feature.

4. Loop a youtube video with the InfiniteLooper website

InfiniteLooper is a website that allows you to loop Youtube videos. Here, you can search for videos or paste their URLs, and the website will automatically have the loop feature enabled. The website also offers advanced options such as trimming the part of the video to loop and setting the duration to loop.

In conclusion, looping a youtube video is a great way to make your content more interactive and exciting. With the four methods discussed above, you can loop your videos in whichever method you find most convenient. Give it a try and see how your viewers will love it!

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