Editing Videos on Instagram after Posting: Is It Possible?

Editing a video on Instagram after posting is one of the common dilemmas of content creators. Let’s admit it, nobody is perfect, and mistakes happen! There will be instances wherein you’ll realize something off with the uploaded content, and editing it might be the only option left. So, what can you do? Can you edit a video on Instagram after posting? The answer is yes!

Instagram’s video editing options provide a basic set of tools to make quick fixes to video uploads. However, these tools have limitations, and you may not get your desired output. With that said, in this blog post, we’ll look into how you can edit a video on Instagram after posting, what tools you can use, and some best practices.

## Can You Edit a Video on Instagram After Posting?

Yes, you can edit a video on Instagram after posting. However, it depends on the type of edit you want to make:

– If you only want to edit the video’s caption, you can do it anytime, even long after posting the video.
– If you want to replace the video, you need to delete the original post and repost the edited video.
– If you want to trim the video, make changes to the cover image or add music, Instagram’s editing tools are always at your disposal.

## How to Edit a Video on Instagram After Posting?

As mentioned above, you can edit the video’s caption or replace it altogether to edit your video on Instagram. Let’s have a walkthrough of how to perform these edits.

### Edit or Add a Caption

To change the video’s caption, follow the simple steps outlined below:

1. Open your Instagram profile and go to the post you want to edit.
2. Tap on the triple-dots on the right corner of the post.
3. A menu will pop up, tap on the “Edit” option.
4. Change the caption as you want.
5. Tap on “Done” and the changes will be saved automatically.

### Replace the Video

If you want to replace the video, there’s one catch – you need to delete the original and upload a new one. Below are the steps of how to replace a video on Instagram:

1. Open your Instagram profile and go to the post you want to edit.
2. Again, tap on the triple-dots on the top-right corner of the post.
3. A menu will pop up, tap on “Delete.”
4. Confirm the deletion process and then upload the new video.

Afterward, you can add filters, trim the video, add music, and many more options using Instagram’s video editing tools.

## Instagram Video Editing Tools

Instagram’s video editing tools, though limited, offer the basic capabilities to edit videos. Below are some of the editing tools that Instagram provides:

### Trim Feature

The “Trim” feature allows you to remove the unwanted parts of the video. It’s a considerable lifesaver if you want to shorten the video and cut out inappropriate content.

### Filter Feature

The “Filter” feature allows you to add different color gradients to your video, making it more interesting and appealing.

### Cover Image Feature

When you upload a video to Instagram, it takes a snapshot of the video as a cover image. This image can be changed to your desired image, and this feature will allow your feed to look more cohesive.

### Add Music Feature

Adding licensed music to your videos makes them more compelling. You can add tracks from the vast Instagram library of songs to make your content stand out.

## Best Practices

Now that we know how to edit videos on Instagram after posting let’s discuss some best practices that can improve your video’s quality even more.

### Cut the Video to 60 Seconds

Instagram only allows videos up to 60 seconds, so it’s essential to edit your video to comply with the platform’s standards.

### Add Captions

Adding captions to your video content is highly recommended as it helps people understand what your video is about, especially when it doesn’t have sound.

### Use CTAs

Use call-to-action (CTA) buttons in the caption or video to encourage viewers to take action, such as liking, commenting, or sharing, increasing engagement levels.

### Use Quality Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first impression of your content; therefore, you must use high-quality thumbnails to catch people’s attention.

## Conclusion

Editing videos on Instagram is a straightforward process, but it has its limitations. The provided Instagram’s video editing tools offer only basic editing features, so if you want to add advanced effects, you need to use third-party video overlay applications. Nonetheless, having the opportunity to edit and improve your content is a huge advantage for content creators, and it is essential to know how to do it right. So, the next time you question whether you can edit a video on Instagram after posting, you’ll know the answer – Yes, you can!

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