Easy Tutorial: Add Subtitles to Any YouTube Video

Are you a content creator looking to make your videos more accessible? Subtitles are a great way to open up your videos to more viewers, but did you know that you don’t have to limit yourself to adding subtitles to the videos you create? Adding subtitles to someone else’s Youtube video can be possib

If you’re looking to take content creation into your own hands and be more creative in the way you produce videos, then read on to find out exactly can you add subtitles to someone else’s Youtube video.

What are the Benefits of Subtitles?

Subtitles make your videos more inclusive, especially for those who might have trouble hearing or understanding the spoken language. By adding subtitles to videos, you’re opening up the content to a much wider audience, open to all regardless of hearing ability.

But generally speaking, subtitles can be helpful for a lot of what you produce. Videos of a foreign language become accessible for English viewers, or videos of a strong accent can become easier to digest. If you’re working with background noise, subtitles can help the overall clarity of your content.

Adding subtitles to someone else’s Youtube video can also help them reach a broader audience and further increase engagement.

How to Add Subtitles to Someone Else’s Youtube Video

1. Upload the video to YouTube

Before you can add subtitles to someone else’s Youtube video, you need to upload it to YouTube. To do this, first you will need to get permission from the owner of the video and then you will need to upload the video to your channel.

2. Visit YouTube Studio

Once the video is uploaded, visit YouTube Studio and open the video you would like to add subtitles to. Once you’re in the video’s page, click “Subtitles/CC” under Video Editor.

3. Add Subtitles to the Video

Once you’re in the subtitles page, you can either manually create the subtitles by typing them in or upload the subtitle file. You can also upload external subtitles and add timestamps to adjust the text to the video.

4. Save & Publish the Subtitles

When you’re done adding the subtitles to the video, click the “Save” button to save the subtitles and then click the “Publish” button. Your video is now ready with the subtitles added.


Adding subtitles to someone else’s Youtube video is an easy and effective way to make your videos more accessible and engaging to a wider audience. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily upload and add subtitles to someone else’s Youtube video and make your content that much more inclusive. So don’t limit yourself to just creating subtitles for your own videos; now you can add subtitles to video creations of others as well and take content creation into your own hands.

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