Boost Your YouTube Views with Captivating Captions – Learn How to Add Them!

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually add captions to YouTube videos and in this blog post, we’ll explore how you can easily achieve this as a content creator. Adding captions to your YouTube videos is important for several reasons such as increased engagement, improved accessibility, and higher rankings. We’ll look at the various options available and show you how to create and upload captions files so you can ensure your videos can go global.

What are Captions?

Captions are a text version of the spoken content in a video. They allow viewers to read along with the video and can provide an alternative for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing or who may have limited understanding of the spoken language in the video. Captions are sometimes also referred to as subtitles.

Why You Should Consider Adding Captions to Your Videos?

Adding captions to your videos can significantly increase the reach of your videos and the time spent watching them. According to Google, views with captions have much longer watch times than videos without captions, and several platforms allow viewers to navigate to specific points of the video based on the captions.

Another positive to consider is Caption files will help your video’s organic search ranking, as bots can crawl and index the full text of your captions to boost SEO. It’s important to mention here that many people watch videos without sound. Adding captions will ensure that the audience will be able to watch and get the full content of the video even without sound.

Accessibility is another reason many content creators add captions to their videos. About 466 million people around the world have disabling hearing loss, so it’s important to make sure that your videos are accessible to everyone.

How to Add Captions to YouTube Videos?

YouTube offers a few ways to add captions to your videos. You can either upload your own captions or use YouTube’s automatic captioning service. Let’s take a look at both options.

1. Upload Your Own Captions

The first option is to create and upload your own captions file. To start off, you need to create a caption file for the video. You can create caption files in numerous formats, such as SubRip (SRT), Timed Text Markup Language (TTML), SubViewer (SBV), and Web Video Text Tracks Format (VTT).

Once you have created the captions file, you can add it to the video. To upload a captions file, go to your Video Manager, click the down arrow next to the video you want to add the captions to, and select Subtitles/CC.

Then, click the drop-down menu, and select Add new subtitles or CC and select your language.

You can also edit the generated text or make any corrections or improvements you need. Once you’re happy with the captions, click Publish and you’re all set.

2. Use YouTube’s Automatic Captioning Service

Alternatively, you can also use YouTube’s automatic captioning service. YouTube offers an automated captioning service powered by a speech recognition system, which can automatically create captions using derived audio from your video. YouTube’s automated captions are free to use and you can use them as a starting point for creating your own captions.

To get started, go to your Video Manager, click the down arrow next to the video you want to add the captions to, and select Subtitles/CC.

Scroll down to Automate Subtitles, select Edit next to the language of the subtitles, and click Automate Subtitles.

YouTube will now generate automated captions based on the audio of the video. You can then go through the captions and edit or updated them as needed.


In conclusion, you can easily add captions to your YouTube videos and there are several ways to achieve this. Whether it is creating and uploading your own caption files or using YouTube’s automated captioning service, it’s important to make sure your videos can be enjoyed by the widest possible audience. Adding captions can also add extra value to your videos by increasing engagement, improving accessibility, and helping with organic search rankings. This is why it is highly recommended that content creators make the effort to add captions to all of their YouTube videos.

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