Effortlessly Create Captions in DaVinci Resolve with Auto Generation

Featuring Auto Generate Captions in DaVinci Resolve: Making Content Creation Easier 

Creating engaging content and captions for your videos, podcasts, and blogs can be extremely time consuming. To help combat this issue, technology has stepped up with automated captioning tools, allowing content creators to save time and customize their captions to fit their own unique content.

One of the most versatile and powerful options out there for automated captioning tools is with DaVinci Resolve 16, a full-featured suite of editing tools for any video or audio project. With its Auto Generate Captions feature, DaVinci Resolve simplifies and streamlines the captioning process to make content creation even easier.

What Auto Generate Captions Does

DaVinci Resolve’s Auto Generate Captions feature provides automated audio to text transcription for any audio clip with full text accuracy. This enables content creators to supplement their audio tracks with captioning and subtitles directly within DaVinci Resolve, speeding up product timelines and providing more professional quality captions within moments.

Once captions are generated, it’s possible to further customize these captions. Users have the ability to adjust text lengths, line breaks, font type, font sizes, formats, color, and the synchronization with audio clips. Alternately, content creators can start from scratch and craft their captions directly in the tool.

Available in a number of languages, the Auto Generate Captions feature allows creators to choose from English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and other languages.

Who Auto Generate Captions Benefits

Auto Generate Captions in DaVinci Resolve was designed with content creators in mind, providing a comprehensive yet simplified approach to captioning and subtitling. It’s a great tool for educators, podcasters, conference presenters, filmmakers, and anyone else who needs to quickly add captions to their audio projects.

The tool also supports multiple languages, making it ideal for content creators who produce multi-language content or for those wanting to ensure their captioning is accessible to audiences with hearing impairments.

How to Use Auto Generate Captions

Using Auto Generate Captions in DaVinci Resolve couldn’t be simpler. After opening your editor, you’ll find the Generate Captions command in the interface action bar. Here you can select which audio clip you would like to generate captions for and then customize your text lengths, line breaks, font type, font sizes, formats, and color.

Once your customization is complete, the captions will be readily available for you to add to any timeline. You’ll then be able to drag, drop, and arrange the captions on the timeline and adjust the timings to match the audio clip’s time code.

Final Thoughts

Auto Generate Captions in DaVinci Resolve is a great way to save time, money, and effort when it comes to captioning audio projects. Content creators of all experience levels can benefit from the tool, whether they’re creating one-off presentations or multi-language content.

The tool is intuitive and easy to use, so there’s no need to spend hours becoming an expert. In moments, content creators can create the captions they need to get their project done with professional quality and accuracy.

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