Effortlessly Add Captions with Adobe Premiere Pro’s Auto Feature

Auto Captions in Adobe Premiere Pro: How to Make Your Video Content Accessible

If you’re a content creator, you likely recognize the importance of making your work as accessible as possible to your audience. After all, engagement and viewership are key components of success in any industry, so it’s up to you to ensure accessibility for all. Adding auto captions to your videos in Adobe Premiere Pro is a great way to boost the accessibility of your content – it makes videos more viewable for those who are deaf and hard of hearing, as well as those whose primary language differs from that of the content. With the help of the right tools, adding auto captions to your videos can be a breeze.

The Benefits of Video Captions

When it comes to the accessibility of your content, adding video captions can significantly improve the quality and reach of your videos. Because it’s easier for people to understand spoken English than it is for them to understand written English, video captions are invaluable for viewers whose native language isn’t English or who aren’t proficient at reading it. Additionally, auto captions allow people who are deaf and/or hard of hearing to consume the content.

Beyond making your video content more accessible, adding captions also makes it easier to translate your videos into other languages – all that’s needed is for the captions to be translated and synced with the audio in the video. This can make a big difference in the international appeal of your content.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Recent studies have demonstrated that captions can actually improve understanding of content, as well as engagement with it. This means that not only do captions open up your content to new audiences, but it also makes more enjoyable and understandable to existing audiences.

Using Auto Captions in Adobe Premiere Pro

When it comes to adding captions to your video, Adobe Premiere Pro offers a variety of tools to help you get the job done. To create auto captions in this program, you’ll need to use the Speech to Text feature. This feature utilizes speech recognition technology to automatically generate captions of your video based on its audio. All you have to do is input the audio track into the Speech to Text dialog box, then select the language of the audio and press the “Create” button. Premiere Pro will then generate the captions of your audio content.

Once the captions have been generated, you’ll be able to sync them to your audio track with a few simple clicks. All you have to do is right click the caption file and select Sync To Audio. Premiere Pro will then sync the captions to the audio track automatically.

From there, you’ll be able to adjust the captions to fit your needs. In the New Captions dialog box, you’ll be able to choose the font of the captions as well as the size, alignment, and margin. You can also adjust the duration of the captions. To do this, simply hover over the caption in the timeline until the cursor turns into a box with two arrows and then click and drag.

keep in mind that while auto captions created with Adobe Premiere Pro are certainly helpful, they’re not always accurate. For this reason, it’s important to review the captions for accuracy after they’ve been generated. Doing so can help you make sure that the captions are understandable and accurate.


Adding captions to your video content is a great way to improve engagement and viewership, as well as make sure that your videos are as accessible as possible. Thankfully, doing so in Adobe Premiere Pro is easy with the help of the Speech to Text tool which allows you to generate auto captions of your audio content. All that’s left is to adjust the captions to your needs and review them for accuracy. With the right tools, adding captions to your video content can be a breeze.

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