Enhance Your Videos with Voice Over: How to Add Voice Over to Video

Adding a voice over to a video helps in enhancing the overall quality of the video. Many content creators add voice overs to their videos for various reasons, such as to provide more information to their viewers, to add personality to their videos, and to create a more engaging and professional video. In this article, we will discuss the different ways to add a voice over to a video to help content creators make their videos more appealing to their audiences.

What is a Voice Over?

A voice-over is a technique used in filmmaking or video production in which a voice is used to narrate a video or film that is not accompanied by an on-screen speaker. Voice-overs are used in documentaries, corporate videos, explainer videos, and other types of videos where narration is needed to provide information to the audience.

Why Add Voice Over to Video?

There are several reasons why content creators should consider adding a voice over to their videos, including:

1. Providing More Information: A voice-over can provide additional information to the audience that cannot be communicated through visuals alone.

2. Adding Personality: A voice-over can add personality to a video, making it more engaging and memorable.

3. Professionalism: A voice-over can make a video look more professional and well-produced.

How to Add a Voice Over to Video

There are several ways to add a voice over to a video, including:

1. Recording the Voice Over and Adding it to the Video

The simplest and most straightforward method of adding a voice-over to a video is by recording the voice-over and adding it to the video. This can be done in a few easy steps:

a. Script Writing: Before recording a voice-over, it is important to have a script. The script should detail what will be said in the video and in what order.

b. Recording: Once the script is ready, the voice-over can be recorded. When recording, make sure to use a high-quality microphone and to record in a quiet environment.

c. Adding the Voice Over to the Video: Once the voice-over is recorded, it can be added to the video using video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, or iMovie.

2. Using Text-to-Speech Software

Another way to add a voice over to a video is by using text-to-speech software. This method is best for short videos and is not suitable for longer videos or for videos that require a human touch. The steps are:

a. Writing the Script: Like the first method, a script is needed before using text-to-speech software. The script should be written in a natural and conversational tone.

b. Choosing the Voice: Text-to-speech software comes with different voices to choose from. Select the voice that suits the tone and style of the video.

c. Generating Audio: Once the script and the voice are selected, the software will automatically generate the audio. This audio can then be added to the video using video editing software.

3. Hiring a Professional Voice Over Artist

If you want to add a human touch to your videos, then hiring a professional voice-over artist is the best option. A professional artist will have the skills and experience needed to create a high-quality voice-over that matches the tone and style of the video.

a. Finding a Professional: There are many websites where professional voice-over artists can be found, such as Voices.com, Fiverr, and Upwork. Choose an artist that has experience in your industry and matches the tone and style that you are looking for.

b. Script Writing: Just like the previous methods, a script is needed before recording with a professional voice-over artist.

c. Recording: Once the script is written, it can be sent to the voice-over artist for recording. The artist will record the audio and send it back to be synced with the video using video editing software.


Adding a voice over to a video can enhance its quality and make it more appealing to the audience. There are several methods that content creators can use to add a voice-over to their videos, including recording the voice-over and adding it to the video, using text-to-speech software, and hiring a professional voice over artist. Choose the method that suits your video and your budget and start making more engaging and appealing videos today!

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