5 Easy Steps to Add Music to a Photo

Adding music to your photo is a great way to enhance your visual content and make it more captivating. It can make your photos more interesting, engaging and entertaining. Whether you are a content creator or creating personal memories, adding music can add a new dimension to your work. In this post, we will take you through the step-by-step process of how to add music to a photo, the different tools and software you can use, and how to ensure your music track is compliant with copyright regulations.

Why Add Music to a Photo?

Music is an essential component of videos. It can evoke emotions, set the mood and create a memorable experience. But, music can also add value to still images as well. By adding music to your photos, you can instantly make it more engaging and interactive for your audience. Together with the right music track, your photos can tell a story, evoke a mood and give more context to your message.

Adding music to your photo is not just beneficial for personal use but also for professional use. As a content creator, incorporating music in your photos can help you attract more audience and retain them for a longer duration. Thus, enhancing your reach, profits, and credibility in the long run.

How to Add Music to a Photo?

Now that we understand why it’s crucial to add music to your photos, let’s dive into how you can do it. Here are the steps to add music to your photo:

Step 1: Choose the Right Software

The first step to adding music to your photo is choosing the right software. Several tools and software can help you add music to your images, including Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, and Movavi.

For beginners, software such as iMovie and Movavi are ideal as they are beginner-friendly and quick to learn. On the other hand, for professionals, Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful software with advanced features and tools.

Step 2: Import the Photo

After selecting the software, import your photo into the software. Most tools and software have an import feature where you can upload your photo from your device or drag and drop the file into the software.

Step 3: Add Music Track

Once your photo is imported, add a music track to it. You can choose music from your device or use royalty-free music from websites such as Epidemic Sound, Audio Jungle or Premium Beat.

Step 4: Edit and Adjust

After you have added the music track, you can adjust its duration, volume and place it on the timeline. Ensure that the music track matches the mood of your photo. You can also add additional effects to the photo such as filters, colour grading or text overlay to further enhance its appeal.

Step 5: Export the Photo

After editing and adjusting, export the photo with the music track. Depending on the software, you can select the export format, resolution and size of the image.

Ensuring Compliance with Copyright Regulations

While adding music to your photos, it’s essential to ensure that the music track is compliant with copyright regulations. Copyright regulations protect the creators’ rights and work from misuse. Thus, using a copyrighted track without permission can result in legal issues.

Therefore, it is best to use royalty-free music or work with artists who permit you to use their music for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Some websites allow you to download and use royalty-free music for a fee or subscription.


Adding music to your photo is an excellent way to enhance your visual content, make it more engaging, and memorable. By following the above steps and ensuring compliance with copyright regulations, you can take your photo editing skills to the next level. Experiment with different tools and software, find the right music track, and create stunning visual content that captures the attention and hearts of your audience.

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